Six Tips for Safe Internet Dating

“He seemed like a wonderful guy and after dozens of emails, I finally used my real name. I was comfortable chatting with him and we planned to meet in a few weeks.” Cheryanne is a professional woman who excitedly signed onto the website. She shares her experience as a warning. ” A few days later, flowers arrived unexpectedly at my office with a note that clearly indicated he had found me and seen me from a distance. I had never revealed the name of my company or my address. Things got worse from there.” The tone of the emails started to change.

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Cheryanne had provided too much information. Her unique name combined with a casual mention about the type of industry she worked in, made her quickly identifiable using the internet.

Here are 6 tips to remember when chatting on with prospects on :

1. Avoid using your real name until you meet in person and know that you are interested in pursuing further contact.

2. Discuss your job but avoid mentioning the name of company or the branch you working.

3. Do not use photos with identifying features like company logos or landscapes that are landmarks in your town or neighborhood. They can lead people to your doorstep.

4. It’s natural to discuss favorite places, but avoid details about your routine like “I stop by Peet’s coffee every morning”.

5. Trust your instinct! If something doesn’t feel right or they ask too much identifying information – move on.

6. Use the safety features has built into the system. Keep your emails within their anonymous mail program and if you choose to talk by phone, use Match Talk, to keep your phone number private.

Almost everyone knows a success story. They’re real and they are wonderful. With a few common sense tips, you can enjoy your online dating experience with confidence.